Publication Country Issue Product Comments
Computer Buyer U.K Nov S966G Recommended


Publication Country Issue Product Comments
PC Advisor U.K April S962A Best buy award
PC Advisor U.K Feb S720A Wins Top10 Flat-panel Display
Recommended award


Publication Country Issue Product Comments
PC Plus U.K Dec M730V Performance Award
Computer Idea Spain Nov M730V Best product award Netherlands Oct M730V Gold Award
PC2000 Magazine Taiwan May S730 Editor's Chocie
PC World U.K May PV722E Recommended Award
Computer easy Germany Apr S700 CTX S700 won the comparison test of Computer easy magazine
PC World U.S.A. Mar VL700 Top 1 & Best Buy of 17" CRT monitor
PC Advisor U.K. Mar PS5140 Wins Top 1 Digital projector from PC Advisor
Australian Personal Computer Australian Mar PV720A PV720A got good test results
PC magazine Germany Feb PV700 PC Magazine testwinner
PC World U.S.A. Feb S530 TOP TEN
Quale Computer Italy Feb S530 3rd place
PC magazine Italy Feb S500 Best Buy


Publication Country Issue Product Comments
PC Shopper Taiwan Nov S500 Taiwan PC Shopper S500 Editors' Best Choice
PChome Taiwan Nov S500 Taiwan Pchome S500 Editors' Best Choice
PChome China Nov PR960F China Pchome PR960F Editors' Best Choice
PC World U.S.A. Oct PR711F Placed 8th in PC World Top Ten
PC Games Hardware Germany Sep EX950F EX950F have win again the price performance Awards from PC Games Hardware
PC World U.S.A. July PR960FL Placed #4 in PC World's Top Ten Monitors chart
C│NET U.S.A. May PV720A The PV720A win award from C/NET
PC Answers U.K. May VL950T PR711F Platinum Award
PC Pro magazine U.K. May EX710F The Best Value award from PC Pro magazine for the EX710F
Computer Shopper U.K. April PV520A PV720A PV520A and PV720A both won Best Buy awards in a lab test of 60 LCD monitors!
Computer Bild Germany Mar PV520 Award_PV520_top3 place in Computer Bild Issue 03/2002
PC Games Hardware U.K. Mar PV720A PV720A, testwinner in PC Games Hardware issue 03/2002
PC Magazine U.S.A. Feb PV720A PC Magazine Editors' Choice


Publication Country Issue Product Comments
PC Advisor U.K. Apr.01 PV520 Recommended Award
PC Direct U.K. Feb.01 PV510 Commendation Award
PC World U.S.A. Jan.01 PV510 Top Ten Monitors
MAC Format U.K. Jul.01 EX710F Must Have! Award
PC Advisor U.K. Jul.01 EX710F Best Buy award
PC Advisor U.K. May.01 EX710F Best Buy Award
Computer Shopper U.K. Apr.01 EX710F Best Budget Buy award
PC Advisor U.K. Jul.01 EX960F Recommended award
Direct PC U.K. Jun.01 PR1400F Direct Hit award
What PC? U.K. May.01 VL950T Recommended Award
PC World U.S.A. May.01 PR960F Top Ten Monitors
Windows NL Apr.01 PR960F Favorite Award
PC Advisor U.K. Oct.00 PR960F Best Buy award
PC Shopper U.K. Feb.01 PR705F Editor's Choice
PC World U.S.A. Apr.01
PR705F Top Ten Monitors


Publication Issue Product Comments
PC Advisor (U.K) Dec 00 PV510 Recommendation Award
PC World (U.S.A.) Nov 00 PR705F Top Ten Monitors
PC World (U.S.A.) Oct 00 PR1400F Top Ten Monitors
PC Advisor (U.K) Oct 00 PR960F Best Buy award
PC World (USA) Sep 00 PR705F Top Ten Monitors
PC Home (UK) Sep 00 PR500F Silver Award
PC Plus (UK) Aug 00 PR960F Silver Award
Computer Shopper (U.K) Jul 00 PR960F Best Budget Buy award
PC World (U.S.A.) July 00 PR705F Top Ten Monitors
Computer Shopper (U.K) Jul 00 EX711F Best Budget Buy award
info PC France(Netherlands) Jun 00 PR711F Valeur sure
Computer Active (U.K) Jun 00 PR960F Buy It !
Personal Computer (U.K) Jun 00 PR960F Recommendation award
Computer Shopper (U.K) May 00 VL950ST VL950ST
PC Advisor (U.K) May 00 EX711F Best Buy award
CT (Germany) Apr 00 PR711F  
PC World (U.S.A.) Apr 00 PR705F Top Ten Monitors (Netherlands) Apr 00 PR960F Tweakers logo
PC go! (Germany) Mar 00 VL950ST SPARTIP
PC Advisor (U.K) Mar 00 PR711F Recommendation award
Personal Computer (U.K) Jan 00 PR711F Recommendation award
PC World (U.S.A.) Jan 00 PR711F Top Ten Monitors
CETRA (Taiwan) Jan 00 PR1400F Symbol of excellence


Publication Issue Product Comments
PC Magazine (U.K) Oct 99 VL950T Editor's Choice
PC World (Denmark) Jul 99 VL710ST good buy
PC Pro (UK) May 99 EX1200 Third overall in a comparison of various 20/21" screens
Computer Trade Shopper Magazine (UK) Apr 99 VL950ST Good qualityscreen at a good price (test article)
PC World (UK) Apr 99 PR710T Editor's choice
Computer Idee (NL) Apr 99 PR700 Our Choice---PR700 was the choice of the magazine.
New communications (Lithuanian) Mar 99 PR711T Best Award
Windows Magazine (NL) Feb 99 VL710T favorite
PC Player (Ger) Jan 99 VL710T Price Tip
PC Player (Ger) Jan 99 VL950T Testsieger (testwinner)
Symbol of Excellence Winner 1998,1999 VL950ST VL710ST EX1300 EX960 MS700U VL950ST--Silver National Award of Excellence


Publication Issue Product Comments
CHIP Dec 98 VL500T  
PC WELT (Ger) Oct 98 VL500(1569SE) Platz 1 (1st Place)
Computer Retail Week Sep. 98 EX1200 Rated as "Above Average"
PC Home (UK) Jul 98 PR710T (1792UA) Silver Award in performance and quality
ComputerLife Jul 98 PR710T * Received 5 stars
* Selected as best performance
Consumer Reports Jun 98 VL710 Recommended as Very Good Overall & Good Value
PC Austria (Ger) May 98 1769SE Preishit (Price Hit)
PC Computing(U.S.A) May 98 VL950

* Received 4 stars

* Selected as Best Budget Buy

MacWorld May 98 VL950 Received 3.5 mice, second best in the review
PCgo (Ger) Feb 98    
Cadalyst Jan 98 1792SE Kauftip (Buy Tip)
PCgo(Ger) Jan 98 EX1200 Received 4 stars, second best in the review