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Taiwan makers expect 15% growth in TV panel surface shipped in 2014; monitor and public display demand to remain strong in 4Q14



  Taiwan makers expect 15% growth in TV panel surface shipped in 2014 driven by shipments of larger-size TVs.
  Ultra HD TV panel shipments in particular will push a large portion of the demand throughout the year in addition to large-size LCD TVs. Ultra HD TV panels now make up over 20% of Innolux's 39-inch above size TV panel shipments and over 30% for 50-inch units. In September alone, Innolux shipped a total of 2.3 million Ultra HD TV panels.
  Supply for 40- and 50-inch TV panels meanwhile is expected to be short until the end of 2014, with suppliers including Innolux expected to see order visibility until January 2015.
  Panel makers expect lower-priced units sized around 50-inch will make up the majority of Ultra HD TV panels shipped during the fourth quarter of 2014. TV vendors aim to make Ultra HD TV technology more widespread in the market and believe that most consumers in markets from North America, Europe and China will gear towards purchases of lower-priced units, said industry sources.
  Innolux is also seeing steady orders for Ultra HD TV panels from China- and Japan-based vendors in addition to vendors from Korea, which currently make up about 15-20% of the company's shipments.
  During the fourth quarter of 2014, panel makers also expect to see steady TV panel shipments to other emerging markets, primarily in India and Mexico. Demand for 23.6-inch TVs to emerging markets in Mexico is expected to remain steady.
  For other applications, panel makers noted that shipments for large-size public displays and high-end monitors for professional applications will see steady shipments. Taiwan makers are now focused on high-end, niche products in the monitor segment in order to stay competitive and remain profitable. The trend is expected to carry over into 2015.
  Global shipments of LCD monitors are expected to reach 136 million in 2014 but are expected to drop to 132 million in 2015, according to market observers. Going into 2017 the shipments are expected to drop to 128 million units as mobile devices further influence the market.
  In terms of public displays, as the global large-screen public flat-panel display (FPD) market is rebounding, with an estimated almost 30% growth expected to occur in 2015, vendors estimate their shipment proportion of large-size units to increase from 10% in 2014 to 30% in 2015.
  The global large-screen public flat-panel display (FPD) market is rebounding after declines in 2012 and flat growth in 2013. According to DisplaySearch, the market is expected to grow 14% in 2014 and 27% in 2015, as economies gradually recover from the global economic downturn.
  Within the market for large-screen public displays, the interactive whiteboard (IWB) segment is expanding, due to increased governmental investments in education. With the forecast growth rate of 50%, IWB shipment volume will reach approximately 650,000 units in 2015. While the primary market drivers are large government-backed education projects in China and Turkey, Japan is also rumored to begin a second tender for a major education investment.
Julian Ho, Taipei; Alex Wolfgram, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 11 November 2014]

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