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Touchscreen controller IC prices falling


Prices for smartphone-use touchscreen controller ICs have been falling as an increase in the number of suppliers has led to more competition in the market, according to industry sources.

Meanwhile, many suppliers have launched their touchscreen controller and fingerprint sensor bundle sales strategies to vie for more orders from brand-name smartphone vendors, worsening the prices fall, said the sources.

Prices for high-end 10-finger solutions have already fallen below US$1, while prices for 2-finger ones for entry-level smartphones have dropped to US$0.20-0.30, the sources indicated.

Suppliers such as Synaptics, Elan Microelectronics, FocalTech Systems and Goodix Technology offer both touchscreen controllers and fingerprint sensors.

In addition, prices for solutions for touchscreens sized 19-inch and above have reached a new all-time low of US$4 recently from more than US$5 due to an increasing number of suppliers in the market, the sources observed.

Acknowledging steady growth in touchscreen demand for interactive whiteboards, all-in-one computers and industrial electronics, China- and Taiwan-based IC design houses such as Elan, UltraChip and Inputek have stepped into development of touchscreen controllers for these large-size applications, the sources said.

Facing growing competition in the market for large-size touchscreen controller ICs, existing suppliers such as Egalax-empia Technology (EETI) and Weida Hitech have moved to lower quotes for customers, the sources noted. Prices for touchscreen controllers for large-size applications are expected to continue their downward trend, the sources said.

Cage Chao, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 30 September 2015]

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